Month: October 2017

3 Reasons to choose Clone Scripts

If you are a startup or an established company looking towards online growth, clone scripts are your ultimate destination. In 2015, more than 500 new clone scripts providers came into the market to fulfill the demand. More people has chosen custom development over ready made clone which has created average sales near to 1.5K USD per project. In 2017, there are more than 2500 clone scripts of popular websites on internet & number of sellers for them are touching to 1000. Let’s see why you also should have choose clone scripts for your current or future venture.

Website clone scripts are ready to deploy.

Though every business has totally unique needs, your dream business have to have something in common with other businesses of the same industry. This opens the scope of ready to use marketplace of your own, ready to use portal of your own, etc. Though some people may not find ready made product a perfect alternative but you are getting thousands of dollars of custom development work for just few hundreds of dollars! If you calculate opportunity cost of the saved time, you will surely love this path.

Low price with much higher value.

As I have already told you, the amount of coding work require for such functionalities & features will add significant cost. But you are getting them because of the mass production of the script. The best part is, yours will be unique because everyone will ask for some short of customization. For example, a customer is looking for Airbnb clone for backyard & another will look for fish storage. So, both the products will have totally different scopes & they will appear totally different.

Tried, tested, working.

Yap, before you have asked for any clone scripts, there must be few hundred customers just like you who has checked the product with different prospective. they might have suggested the corrections that you will not be able to see in any circumstances. So, there are genuine testers for your products.

Thus, buying a website clone scripts are a better option then a totally custom development work. I would like to know what you think about this thought. Hit me in the comment area!