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Top 10 Logo Design Companies

A logo is the face of the company. The face that everyone recognizes and knows. It’s important to create a logo that basically stands out and conveys what your company stands for. Among the many logo design companies, here are the top ten that stand out.

1 Pentagram

Known as one of the biggest and most famous graphic design companies, Pentagram has given an identity to many companies. With its home in London, it’s run by over 19 partners all of whom are huge names in the industry of design.

2 Meta Design

From reinventing Apple’s OS design system to changing the identity of Adobe, Meta Design stands as a giant among many design firms. With a rich experience of over 20 years, their work resonates on an international level that cannot be matched.

3 Charlie Smith Design

Founded in 2003 by an ex-Pentagram designer, Charlie Smith’s company soared the open skies. With a wide range of detailed services from packaging to even choosing the right paper, it’s no surprise that this company is known as one of the best.

4 Happy Cog

The design studio that won more awards for web design than anybody known. Happy Cog has given many clients impressive web design and user experience consultancy standing out among the top ten.

5 Saffron Brand Consultants

Started back in 2001 with a mission to ‘transform brands and business with clarity of rigorous thinking and courage of bold ideas.’ This company is known for it’s bold efforts at embracing globalization and its potential in the emerging market.

6 Mucho

With designs that are designed to travel beyond the screen, this company truly is the best. With designers working around the clock to create aesthetically pleasing designs, Mucho has earned its place in the list.

7 Spin

Elegance meets art. Spin is all about exploring a wide range of sectors with elegance. With proactive responses and in-depth research on their clients, Spin made its mark in the design industry

8 SocioDesign

WIth a minimalistic approach, SocioDesign creates designs that breaks into various barriers. Bringing a universal feel to many regions in this World, SocioDesign has earned international fame.

9 Only

The design company that has won many awards at Heist and BIMA, Only stands as the company that connects people with designs. With inspiration from people, Only has created designs that accurately articulate each individual company’s ideas.

10 Triboro

This Brooklyn-based design company has created a buzz in the design industry. With a small team, they have created work that has been known as colorful, creative and hip. Targeting clients who want a more youthful approach, they have established themselves as a brand known for its high integrity and excellent quality.

Logos convey the image of the company. It conveys the aim, vision and the character of the company. Without a proper logo, it can be impossible to make your mark in the real world. If you intend on making your voice heard loud and hard, then it’s time you choose one of the top ten logo design companies to make your logo.